Does the new Gitane Filter taste the same?

Thursday, 22 April 2010

What has happened to Gitanes Filter?

Hello fellow Gitanes Smokers!

First of all, this is a blog for smokers, so I would appreciate any non-smokers or stop smoking campaigns to refrain making silly comments. What I am about to say, could happen to any odd product out there be it good wine, your favourite beer or you favourite chocolate.

Recently the UK stock supply of Gitanes Filter has changed. I am sure all you Gitanes smokers must have noticed it. The package got slimmer, as well as the cigarette, which is okay. But, what is not acceptable, is the decreased quality of our smoking experience:

Just having had one, I am truly lost for words, it leaves me with a dry mouth a sort of horrid numb headache and I am felling terribly dizzy, almost nauseous.
Sadly, it also leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. And to top it all, I started coughing violently, this never ever happened with the original Gitanes.

In the morning with my coffee, my first original Gitanes was enjoyable and all I felt was the desired nicotine rush, no coughing ever, no headache, no nausea,no bad taste, which all was due to the lack of chemicals added to the original brand.
But now, I fear, I will have to either start smoking cigars or find some other tobacco, which does not contain such an inordinate amount of carcinogens, or become a non-smoke (boohoo!!).
Someone went crazy in the Imperial Tobacco factory and totally messed up one great brand.

However, not easily giving up, I decided to contact Imperial Tobacco.
Well, as expected, in this consumer unfriendly society we live in, I had to wait a while for my response, which then did not actually represent a solution. And this was their reply:

Dear Ms ******

Firstly, may we apologise for the delay in providing you with a response to your recent enquiry. The brand team have advised that the difference is a consequence of an international product design change. We have ensured that the quality and taste remain the same whilst balancing increased material and production cost.

If you are still unhappy with the product and would like to return it,please send it to:

Consumer Services Department
Imperial Tobacco Ltd
P O Box 83
Kind regards
Imperial Tobacco Ltd
Head Office - Bristol, UK

Well, so we know, to save money in production Imperial Tobacco basically cut on quality. Most likely changing production to Romania and buying cheaper tobacco...

I am truly at a loss as to how anyone gets away with such bad product change and is permitted to keep the same label.

However, I went on a shopping spree around London buying all old Gitanes packages I could possibly find, at times paying £7.50 per package.
Along my little quest, encountering more and more shopkeepers which are returning their stock due to consumer complaints. It might make a difference eventually, if nobody is actually smoking this new Gitanes Slim Line, all they savings in production costs will not result in more profit after all.

It would be a shame to loose the only cigarette on the market which does not contain carcinogens.

What are your thoughts fellow Gitanes smokers?



  2. I have had the new slim line pack for the first time today, and I am sick. My arm has totally gone numb and I have a ringing in my head as well as feel extremely ill.

    I shall return the 50 cartoons I have ordered to be ship to the Caribbean Island I am on.

    This is a sadness.